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The art of controlling the light
Nature solves even the most difficult problems using the simplest and easyest methods. Awning systems have been and still remain the most efficient and pleasant solutions of controlling the level of light and air temperature of the ambient.

MCA offers you a wide range of awning systems created to any chalenge. Even though some of the products seem very similar to each other, they have been created to answer to any situation as best as possible.

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The MCA Group is constantly investing in the professional qualification of its employees

The MCA Group makes employee qualification a priority, considering it an essential condition for MCA to manufacture top quality products. Qualification courses also contribute to the personal and professional development of employees, as they respect professional standards and have been certified officially.

Benefit XL Sectional Doors, Tested in a Swedish Research Lab. Quality Without a Flaw

We believe in things made with responsibility, things made to function optimally for a long time. We consider that our products must function with safety measures respected so many years, that one forgets the year in which the product was purchased, this becoming a nice old memory.

MCA's Management System, Certified Internationally by TUVRheinland

In order to respond to the highest safety and quality standards in front of our clients and to comply with the European Union regulations, MCA management system is certified and acknowledged according to ISO 9001:2008 by TUVRheinland.

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