MCA was invited to take the Floor at the National Architectural Conference INGLASS

MCA, as the biggest national producer of sectional industrial doors, sectional residential doors and rolling shutters was invited to hold a presentation The National Architectural Conference INGLASS from 12 April 2011. The MCA presentation was held by Arch. Marian Dragos, who spoke about the benefits of rolling shutters and the effects that they have on energy consumption in order to heat or to cool closed spaces.  

The following MCA rolling shutter benefits were discovered:(Termo Stores):

  • - They provide shade and flexibility when it comes to selecting the amount of natural day light you want in your room including protection of different objects form UV rays;
  • Termoizolare - atât prin lamela ruloului, cât și prin spațiul de aer dintre rulou și tâmplărie  - atât vara cât și iarna;
  • - They provide better phonic isolation;
  • - They have a lot of functions in order to protect your privacy. – with various types of drives;
  • - Preventing breaking and entering (it can act as a substituent of grills)grilajelor);
  • Elegant Aspect – - Elegant,a specific look which gives dynamic to buildings’ façades
  • Cost – - attractive, justified through sustainability.

Concluziile prezentării MCA au fost:

  • If correctly used, the rolling shutters can replace an active cooling system.
  • They can also decrease the necessary energy for heating with up to 10%.

The study conducted by Euroepan Solar-Shading Organization is available at the following address

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