Choose the MCA Sommer finger print reader for access in the garage

Let’s picture this: you get home after a hard, long working day and you realize that you lost the garage door key, but you calm down instantly because you can enter with only one finger touch on the finger print reader (as long as you are one of the registered users). It’s a movie scene, but it can be real for MCA garage door producer’s clients.

The Sommer finger print reader it is used for opening the garage doors and gates.

    It has advantages such as:

  • safety: access is granted only for registered users
  • eliminating the risk of losing the key
  • enriched comfort
  • it can be accessed by many users without a key, after their registration in the system
  • it’s cost effective : for a big number of users you need only one fingerprint reader, compared to the costs for a lot of remotes

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