VENUS MCA Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures venus - MCA Patio enclosures venus - MCAPatio enclosures venus - MCA Patio enclosures venus - MCA

VENUS, stylish retractable patio covers

  • Versatility, beauty, time resistance, reliability – these are the main characteristics of Venus retractable patio covers. They are generally used for shading terraces, in residential areas or as part of a hotel or a restaurant area.
  • The modular structure allows the shading of any surface, no matter the length or height.
  • The profiles are made of anodized aluminum, painted in white in electrostatic field.
  • Due to the way the profiles can be joined to one another, there are possible many variations of inclinations.
  • The system can be delivered with or without supporting stalks, as long as the patio cover is fixed on the walls or on another existing structure.
  • The canvas is realized from a high technology textile fabric, with 3 layers, offering a dense shadow and ensuring an efficient UV and rain protection.
  • There are two ways in which the canvas can be made: from one piece of fabric or from two pieces of fabric overlapped, creating an air cushion which ensures a better insulation.
  • The system can be operated manually, with a crank, or electrically, by remote control. Electric systems can be endowed with light, wind and rain sensors, which will close the cover automatically, reducing the risk of deterioration.

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