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The art of controlling the light
Nature solves even the most difficult problems using the simplest and easyest methods. Awning systems have been and still remain the most efficient and pleasant solutions of controlling the level of light and air temperature of the ambient.

MCA offers you a wide range of awning systems created to any chalenge. Even though some of the products seem very similar to each other, they have been created to answer to any situation as best as possible.

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SOMLink technology and the benefits of its use by MCA garage door installers

There is a great benefit for the users of MCA garage doors equipped with the Sommer base+, the tiga and tiga+ motors, as well as the SOMLoq2 bidirectional radio system, which comes through the SOMLink intelligent technology, as it offers them additional possibilities to adjust these products in a very fast and simple way.

The benefits of MCA garage doors with Sommer accessories

MCA garage doors are high quality products that bring special benefits to their users. They comply with all European regulations in force and are manufactured with high-quality materials using advanced and innovative production technologies. Additionally, they are exceptionally safe and come equipped with state-of-the-art security equipment that allows, among others, remote electrical operation.

MCA Solar photovoltaic cell-powered roller shutters

The MCA Solar photovoltaic cell-powered roller shutters market is becoming increasingly present
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