Retractable Awnings Monaco MCA

Retractable Awnings monaco - MCA Retractable Awnings monaco - MCA

MONACO, awnings with retractable arms and flexible fixing system

  • The main advantage of the Monaco awnings is the system that allows fixing in variable points.
  • The entire system is installed on a rectangular frame of 40 x 40 mm. The awning can be fixed on the wall in variable points, alongside the rectangular profile. Due to the retractable arms, the awnings allow the unimpeded circulation underneath. They are equally recommended for commercial and residential areas. Monaco awnings can be used for terraces, windows and street storefronts.
  • Retractable arms are realized from aluminum profiles, painted in electrostatic field. Each of their articulation contains an inner spring coated in a soundproofing fabric for a silent and gentle functioning.
    All the components are stainless. The connection between the two main components of each arm is realized through a chain, offering a greater durability and reliability.
  • The canvas is realized from a high technology textile fabric, with 3 layers, offering a dense shadow and ensuring an efficient UV and rain protection.
  • The recommended dimensions are of maximum 6 x 3 m or 5 x 3.5 m (length x projection).
  • The system can be operated manually, with a crank, or electrically, by remote control. Electric systems can be endowed with light, wind and rain sensors, which will make the awnings to close automatically, reducing the risk of deterioration.

Wind and water resistance tests

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